What is Hypnotherapy?

Often thought of as a hokey stage show, fortunately scientists have done the research to give us the facts and the good news; this type of therapy is now known to be one of the most effective ways to create emotional and mental change and allow us to transform our thinking, our habits and behavior and ultimately our lives.

Hypnotherapy is often coined as “neuroplasticity.” This buzzword was derived by neuroscientists who took a look at the brain during the hypnotherapy process. At first they were surprised to learn that someone who felt anxious about a certain subject could quickly change their emotions from feeling anxious to feeling calm. However, now we understand that an individual who is repeatedly exposed to positive accompanying thoughts and feelings while thinking about a fear can be desensitized to the original anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is defined as a window of time in which a person is halfway between being awake and asleep. We actually go through the hypnotic state to get to the sleep state. So if you have been skeptical about hypnotherapy or questioned whether you can be hypnotized, relax and take in this exciting information. At least twice a day, when you go to sleep and when you awake, you pass through the alpha/theta state known as hypnotherapy.

The word “hypnotherapy” is often incorrectly associated with losing control, or not being in control of your thoughts or actions. In fact, the opposite is true. During the hypnotic state you are more intuitive than you are in the conscious state. Hypnosis is a heightened state of mind and awareness in which you are able to absorb messaging at a deeper level. You are taking in information in a calm state, versus the cognitive state we are normally in when we take in information.

People who have been hypnotized describe the experience as feeling rejuvenating, both emotionally and physically. More importantly, individual report they have a rosier outlook on life as well, regardless of what they come to see me about.

Understanding what you would like to change is important consciously; however, in order to make deeper, more profound changes hypnotherapy is, to my knowledge, the fastest and most effective way of improving habits, thoughts and feelings.

While in hypnotherapy, you are in a heightened state of awareness and are able to focus on suggestions purposefully delivered to train your brain to move on from negative habits, thoughts and feelings, to more positive habits thoughts and feelings.

So, be open minded! Hypnotherapy worked to help you establish the habits thoughts and feelings you currently have, Let's use hypnosis to change the habits thoughts and feelings that are not serving you today! Use hypnotherapy and the Mind Body Reset Method to reset your mind and body and let the good feelings begin!

Dr. Mary Wansley, Ph.D.