Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapy and counseling for eating and weight-loss is therapy that is specific to changing your relationship to eating, food and weight, and ultimately changing your relationship with yourself. This process is a systematic method for change, versus traditional therapy. With each session, you receive specific tools and an understanding of how to make the changes you want to make.

Traditional therapy is an important and often necessary process for healing old wounds from the past. We all experience some type of upset and trauma in our lives and therapy is a way for us to sort out and work through the emotions of events and situations, so we can gain clarity and an accurate perspective of the future. With hypnotherapy and counseling for eating and weight-loss, we are focused on solving the eating and weight problem. We take the past into account, but the focus is on where we are and what we want to accomplish going forward. We address the eating and food issues so that you are more stable and in control. Then, we deal what’s going on in your life, and any issues from the past. After addressing eating and food, you are in a much different frame of mind to see the past more clearly.

Many people think they cannot be hypnotized, but in fact 95% of people are hypnotizable. We receive hypnotic messages all the time; take advertisers for example – they rely on our subconscious minds to impact our decisions. Hypnotherapy allows you to enter a calm, receptive state so that you can focus on suggestions and take in information on a deeper level. You can never be forced to do anything against your will, and you are always in control. We received all of our messaging and our beliefs by the time we were 8 years old, and we were not in charge of the messages we received. Through hypnotherapy, we can decide on the messages we want to have, remove the ones that are not serving us, and replace old messages and beliefs with a new, healthy internal dialogue and belief system.

There is no health challenge that cannot be made better by having your eating in check and developing a natural affinity for making healthy and nutritious choices for yourself. We will resolve the eating issues, so you can directly deal with any illness or health challenge you have.