I worked with Dr Wansley 6 years ago. I was a heavy binge eater, tried every diet, and never thought I could lose the weight. Her process worked. I have kept the weight off for 5 years and am living my life to the fullest.” – Debbie F.*

Mary is amazing! She put so much of her time and effort into my recovery and I owe her endless thanks! I never though I would ever get to where I am today and this program has changed my life. The understanding Mary had of where I was at each stage of my recovery was unreal. She was able to help me overcome issues I didn’t even know I had. This is the happiest I have felt in years and it feels amazing to be able to live each day and not revolve my life around food. – Molly S. *

My experience was very positive. I started seeing changes and feeling better in a very short period of time. Looking back to when I began, I’m not completely different as a person, but in how I eat and feel about my body. I feel like I can accomplish anything now in regards to eating, and that feels amazing. – Logan M. *

I’m very happy with my results! I’m down 15 pounds, which before I would have been angry about. I would have wanted to be down 30 or 40 pounds in a month. And the weight I have lost has felt effortless. I have been on and off diets for 20 years and always put the weight back on. Knowing I don’t have to ever diet again is so freeing! I didn’t know what I was doing to myself psychologically and now I know. This time, its different, it’s a lifestyle change and I don’t feel deprived. I’ve learned to make better food choices, to not eat just to eat, but to eat to nourish my body. I look at food in a whole new way. I have learned a lot about myself and my choices and why diets made the problem worse. – Eric T. *

I have had a positive experience with Mary! This struggle with food and weight went on for so long and she really understands what I went through. This process has really made me analyze my relationship with food, and think about what I’m doing when I’m eating. My affirmations are really helping me “eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.” I never realized how much I judged and criticized my self and that doing so made me turn to food even more. I feel as though I’m making steady and lifelong changes in my thinking, habits and my body! I am on a different journey and it feels so good and positive. – Carly F. *

This experience has been very healing. Mary is an amazing therapist and held my hand through some rough realizations and triumphant breakthroughs. I am so grateful I followed through with this program. I have learned so much about myself and why I kept self-sabotaging. I hope to apply and share everything I have learned. – Christine B. *

Mary is great and very relatable. I learned a lot about myself and how/why I eat. I always looked forward to my sessions and I always feel great afterwards. Mary made me feel good about myself. She truly understands me and I felt no shame at all talking to her about food and weight. I use to feel so bad about myself. I have learned how to eat less often to prevent overeating later on. I will take these skills and use them for the rest of my life. Thank you! – Catherine S. *

I feel that I have completely separated my eating habits from stress and issues in my life. I no longer have a preoccupation with food. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I started the program. I have recognized that I have not been allowing myself to really feel my feelings and emotions most of the time. This has been an incredible experience in reawakening those emotions, self-discovery, and reaffirming the self-esteem I experienced in my earlier years. Thank you! – Jane E. *

Before working with Mary, I had a binge-eating problem. I was constantly on new diets trying to lose weight. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster ride with never ending ups and downs. After this program, I am a changed man. I understand that diets don’t work and learned what was causing me to binge and overeat in the first place. I learned that my counting calorie habit was the root of all evil, and I should simply eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Food is always going to be here. I’ve become more motivated and eager to fulfill my dreams. It’s been an amazing program! – Sam P. *

Mary is wonderful, confident in her information, caring, and clear with me. I feel really comfortable speaker to her, and I trust what she says to me. I have so much more self-confidence since starting her program, which was my main goal. I look forward to seeing her at our appointments. She was never judging, but always understanding and made sense of why I eat when I’m not hungry. The skills Mary has taught me I will continue to put to good use. – Theresa W. *

Mary has changed my life for the better! She is very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She never makes me feel silly or unimportant. I highly recommend her and will be forever changed because of her program. – Laurie B. *

Going into this program, I don’t think I really understood that I was an emotional eater. The program really helped me identify thoughts, beliefs, and actions I was taking that needed to be addressed and worked through. I now feel like I have the knowledge and tools I need to lead a happy and healthy life! – Elise E. *

I have truly loved working with Mary, and I feel I have grown so much as a result of my time with her. I feel like food is no longer in control of my life, and I am so much happier because of it. I would recommend this program to all of my friends because it has truly changed my life for the better! – Melissa A. *

It was a lovely, healing, and enlightening experience that finally freed me of compulsive overeating. By changing my though patterns and perceptions of myself, I overcame my life-long struggle with food. Mary was very helpful and knowledgeable about my issues and skillfully helped me overcome them. I highly recommend her! – Shannon C. *

Food was an obsession. I thought about it every second of every day and it ran my entire life. I didn’t know what was wrong but I knew I couldn’t live the way I was living. Initially I saw something for weight loss hypnosis. I was desperate to try anything so I went, as embarrassed as I was to make the phone call. I walked in telling myself I was going to only go once whether it worked or not. In my initial meeting with Mary I learned that my obsession wasn’t normal and the behavior I was engaging in was harmful and destructive. It was like someone opened a window and enlightened me as to what I was doing to myself. I realized I had an eating disorder and addiction and needed to take action. There was no other option…Read more

Whatever battles with food you are having, (I am guessing you are struggling in some way if you are reading this), I first would like to tell you not to lose hope because there is a way out. Like any addiction, food addiction is very hard to overcome; but if you put yourself into the hands of Dr. Wansley, I can assure you that you will overcome the battle that you are fighting…Read more