About Me

Over 20 years ago I began working with individuals who struggle with eating, food and weight issues; after overcoming my own decade long struggle with emotional overeating, binging and yo-yo dieting, and achieving and maintaining a 50 lb weight loss.

Growing up I had a healthy attitude about food and eating habits and was comfortable with my body. I don’t recall feeling the pressure to be thin or having many of the overeating and weight concerns that many clients today tell me they experienced as children, adolescents and teenagers. But when I went off to college, my eating habits changed and I gained “the freshmen 15”, which weighed heavily on my mind and self-esteem. The summer of my freshman year a neighbor gave me a diet book for a 2 week diet. I followed the diet implicitly, lost the 15 pounds and then some, and felt great. I had a real sense of being in control. Yet my thinking had changed: I latched on to the belief that I could eat anything I wanted to because I could always go back on a diet and lose the weight. This set off a pattern of eating past feeling full, eating when I wasn’t hungry because others were eating, eating for emotional reasons, binge eating, and the false belief that another diet was the solution. A dangerous debilitating cycle had taken hold. And this cycle led to frustration, depression, hopelessness and despair, and diminished the quality of my life.

Turning to food had become my way of coping with uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and diets my solution for taking the weight off until I no longer had the willpower and discipline to diet. Recognizing this pattern was unhealthy and didn’t work, I set off on a quest to study and research everything possible on how to address and solve this problem. I spent a decade working through my own underlying issues and solved my eating problem and food addiction, and I realized if I could overcome this, I could help others recover. I went on to study communication and human behavior and earned a masters and a doctorate from the University of Denver. My postdoctoral work has included becoming a certified professional coach, a nutritional counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist.

Today, I take client’s through a systematic step-by-step process designed to address every issue that must be confronted for a full recovery from destructive eating. The program is designed so that clients can lose weight and live free from the obsession with food, body shape and size. My work is informed by my personal struggle and recovery, my education and academic background and experience, and the success I have had working with hundreds of clients who have overcome their struggle with eating, food, weight and body dissatisfaction, who now live free of these afflictions and have regained the quality of their lives.