Yelp Review 2

…I came to Dr Wansley during what was a very dark and depressing time for me. I had been struggling with Binge Eating Disorder on and off for my entire life, but never realized it was an illness until I got to college. As a student- athlete balancing work, practices and competition, competitive and demanding academics, and a social life; food started to become an outlet for me that I would turn to during times of stress. What started off as an innocent once a month activity, turned into once a week, and before I knew it almost every day. The binging had taken over my entire life and was negatively affecting me academically, athletically and socially.

Over time, gloom descended upon my being like a dense fog. Trapped in the dewy mist, I lost all sense of direction. Negativity soon suppressed my sense of self; fear suffocated my last trace of ambition. I spiraled into an anxiety-ridden depression. I had no idea what I wanted anymore- I didn’t want to do anything. I quit my school team, shut out all of my friends, and was barely getting by academically. The more weight I gained, the more stuck, alone and hopeless I felt. It wasn’t long before I felt like the most hideous creature in all of Los Angeles, and I had no interest in even existing anymore. But then, Dr. Mary Wansley came into my life.

From the second I laid eyes on Mary I knew she was someone special, and after my first meeting with her I knew that she would be the one to help me overcome this affliction. She is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met, and I consider myself so lucky to have even a second of her time. Mary has been like an oasis to me in the desert of my lost enthusiasm to live. She has helped me learn so much about myself and I am so thankful to have met her. She has an amazing story, and is such an inspiration to not only me, but I am sure everyone else that has the pleasure of knowing her. Mary is the best of the best when it comes to what she does, and she is very well educated. She has given me the tools to deal with the issues that come my way using other outlets other than food, and has really helped me to have a healthier relationship with food. I want to use food as a way to nourish and fuel my body; not to cause harm to myself. There is no other person that I would want to go through this process with. Mary makes me feel like I can believe in myself, and with her I feel like I am capable of anything.

If you are struggling and are ready to get at the root of the problem; whether it is depression, habit, comfort, stress, boredom, disordered eating etc. do the best thing you could ever do for yourself and get the best counseling for this problem. You will realize it is so much more than just food, and you will be blown away by how much you discover about yourself.

I am still in the process of healing but am on the right track to a 100% recovery and to become the best possible version of myself. I owe it all to Dr. Mary Wansley for giving me the tools to tackle this problem full-force.

If you are tired of your negative relationship with food, then I highly recommend that you contact Mary as soon as possible. Get ready to embark on an incredible, beautiful journey of healing and self-discovery.” -Hannah V. *